Aug 16, 2019

Long term health benefits for the middle aged parents with periodic checkup package

Most people today, in the prime of their youth, would more often than not lead a life running after success and wealth, make a name for themselves in their own profession or entrepreneurial setups. In pursuit of their dreams, the youth of today has always neglected something that keeps haunting them in the later half of their life, ie their health.

Unfortunately, the stress of their fast paced life catches up and more sooner than later and all of a sudden, the youth of today are faced with a hard reality check on their health. A sedentary lifestyle coupled with poor dietary habits lead to obesity, high blood pressure, cholesterol and what not !

While some would brush it away as the lifestyle diseases of the time, there are health institutions that are campaigning against such lifestyle issues. Dr Life, for one, has embarked on a drive to create awareness on the same through onsite medical camps at office campuses.

Further, the healthcare professionals at Dr Life have designed annual health packages for all middle aged and senior citizens that focuses more on preventive care as an investment for securing a healthy future for the earning member of families. Maintain the best possible health with a wide variety of screening tests, consultations with doctors, tests & diagnosis, all of which are customised in accordance with people centred care approach of Dr Life.

The Comprehensive Health Package is designed to

Identify potential problems before they arise

Focussed approach to prioritise, reduce and eliminate risk factors

Patient Centred Care to allow patient & their families to make informed choices and design Diagnosis and Treatment tailored to the age, medical history and relevant clinical characteristics.

Compassionate care throughout the diagnosis and treatment by specialists in consultation with family doctor assigned to the patient

Educate and promote preventive steps towards health & wellness through activity based, balanced lifestyle, nutritional supplements and stress management