Aug 01, 2019

Dr Life to organise medical camps in school premises to raise awareness on hygiene & healthcare

The European Journal of Public Study says that “Health and Schools have become non-dissociable”

(Citation: Study on ‘’School health promotion: organization of services and roles of health professionals in seven European countries’’: The European Journal of Public Study, published 2009)

There is a clear link between health, acquisition of knowledge and academic success. There is a substantial body of evidence showing that academic success and health are related and that schools are ideal places for implementing health education and promotion as well as health risk prevention at an early age.

With reference to several such studies around the world, we truly believe that health awareness and promotion needs to be generated at an early age through schools where there is a large congregation of young children.

Any large congregation of children runs an inherent risk of spreading of contagious diseases, requirement of first aid and medical emergencies.

Dr Life attempts to address these issues at large through organising medical camps in school premises to raise awareness on hygiene & healthcare.

Creating awareness of simple hygiene and prevention habits are the first steps towards securing primary healthcare for schools to prevent spreading of infectious, viral diseases that are easily communicable.

Further, collaboration with schools enable us to raise the health and wellness of the entire community within schools.