Aug 08, 2019

Dr Life embarks on creating healthy future in schools

Every school is strategically positioned to serve in the public health battle in ensuring the collective health & awareness of the society. Since schools cover children and adolescents, they are suitably poised to monitor and influence the physical, emotional and cognitive development of students.

While most schools focus on the cognitive development of students that is primarily measured through the rigors of academic-focussed Indian education system; it is important to note that the physical and emotional development of students is not equally monitored. This leaves the students to fend for themselves independently or dependent on the support systems of their parents/guardians.

It is to this effect that Dr Life has embarked on developing a collaborative model with schools to ensure that the all-round development of children is complete right from the nursery and primary school stage.

As the European Network of Health Promoting Schools states, “a health promoting school uses its management structures, its internal and external relationships, its teaching and learning styles and its methods of establishing synergy with its social environment to create the means for pupils, teachers and all those involved in everyday school life to take control over and improve their physical and emotional health “

Post researching and benchmarking such best practices across the developed and developing economies around the world, Dr Life has introduced its School Health Services, a primary healthcare service located within the premises of the schools that ensures education and awareness on development of physical and mental health is not left to chance.

In the initial phase, Dr Life has initiated medical camps at schools to raise awareness on hygiene and health which also includes free preliminary screening and check-up for the student, teaching and non-teaching community within schools.

In the next phase, Dr Life plans for in-campus facilities of a school health clinic that will cater to services such as periodic screening & check-up, first-aid, emergency, enrolment on growth plan through qualified doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals.