Aug 05, 2019

Dr Life conducts neighbourhood medical camps : Free check up for elderly people in your family

Ageing is a truth of life and it affects all families, irrespective of whether we are staying with or away from our parents and relatives. It is difficult for most adults to fully comprehend the effect of ageing on the physical and mental health of our parents. However, with time, the effect becomes more evident as it leads to long term caring and monitoring of their health.

At Dr Life, we share your belief that the elderly, our parents, grandparents are the pillars of our family. We honour our rich heritage of respect and responsibility towards our ageing parents and relatives.

Towards this, we have designed multiple options so that resident and non-resident children and caregivers can shoulder responsibility of their ageing parents and relatives.

One such option is the setting up of medical camps in every neighbourhood as we expand our presence in and around Lucknow. Through the medical camps, we aim to reach out to the elderly people in housing societies, colonies and communities in and around our Dr Life Clinics.

Each of these medical camps will provide free check up for the senior citizens of the locality that will include screening for vital signs such as blood pressure, ENT, eyesight, etc.