Aug 12, 2019

Health Checkup at Home for the Elderly

At Dr Life, we share your belief that the elderly, our parents, grandparents are the pillars of our family. We honour our rich heritage of respect and responsibility towards our ageing parents and relatives.

Towards this, we have designed multiple options so that residents and non-resident children and caregivers can shoulder responsibility of their ageing parents and relatives.

Dr Life promotes regular health check up program for all senior citizens to enable them to detect problems associated with old age. We help in early detection when chances of treatment and cure are better. By enabling the access to affordable and right health screenings, services and treatments, we aim to promote the health and wellbeing of you and peace of mind for your dependent family.

The benefits of regular check up include

Early detection to stay a step ahead of age related diseases

Limit risk of complications by closely monitoring health parameters

Reduce risk of emergency through comprehensive check up and monitoring

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