Aug 01, 2019

Annual Health Check up for Children

Are you one of those parents that lament that their child is lagging behind on their physical and or mental growth parameters ? Are you always concerned that other children in your child’s class is advanced in growth parameters ?

As parents, most of the time we tend to compare the growth of our child with others of his age. More often than not, these are common issues that parents fear of when it comes to their little prince and princesses. Unfortunately, not all fear are unfounded.

Firstly, we need to be aware of the developmental milestones of our child. Second, it is important to monitor the progress of the child as they grow. While the school monitors the development of a child on an academic scale, it is important for the parents to keep track of the physical and or mental growth of their child.

Keeping the common concerns of parents in mind, Dr Life has introduced an Annual Health Program for Children which is designed to

Screening test to assess the overall health, physical and or mental development of the child

Consultation with Specialist Paediatric and or Diagnostics

Charting a course of development based on dietary, activity based and preventive vaccination

It is advisable for parents concerned on the growth of their child to consult a specialist Paediatrician at Dr Life to prepare their child onto a all round growth plan so that they can fulfil all their dreams.

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Tests listed below for illustrative purposes